C&D Recycling

Construction and demolition (C&D) recycling is the process of recovering valuable resources from an array of inert waste streams otherwise sent to a landfill. C&D recycling supports responsible material processing for a cleaner and more sustainable future. It provides the ability to meet the growing demand for construction aggregates while reducing the reliance on natural resources. C&D recycling also provides a cost-effective alternative to multi-treatment or disposal processes by reducing energy and tipping costs as well as increasing the lifespan of mines and landfills.

What are C&D materials?

C&D materials are an inconsistent feed stream that often contains a mixture of bulky, heavy inert waste materials such as broken concrete, asphalt, soil, brick, metals, sand, stone and other buildings materials that have been salvaged from construction and demolition sites.

McLanahan offers packaged solutions for the recovery of washed sand and aggregates from a variety of inert waste streams, including:

  • Construction and demolition waste
  • Excavation waste
  • Non-hazardous soils
  • Road sweepings
  • Hydrovac waste

McLanahan Dry Processing Solutions for C&D

The first step in a C&D recycling operation is the dry processing of the material. This process includes the crushing and screening of large lumps of aggregate material in the C&D debris stream into smaller sizes suitable for construction use or further downstream processing.

McLanahan's line of Universal equipment has been processing C&D recycling materials, such as concrete, rubble and asphalt, for more than 40 years. These machines are robust enough to handle even the toughest of materials, while providing the optimum in operation and performance.

McLanahan Wet Processing Solutions for C&D

Once the aggregate material recovered from C&D debris streams has been properly sized and sorted, it may need to undergo additional processing before it can be used for certain construction projects. The wet processing part of the C&D recycling operation includes washing and scrubbing away deleterious material from the sound aggregate. It can also include classifying and dewatering the sand fraction. To add to the sustainability of the wet process, the resulting waste stream can include liquid-solid separation equipment for recycling reusable process water and getting the solids fraction to a drip-free, easy-to-manage state.

McLanahan has vast knowledge and experience in designing aggregate wet processing systems, with plants consisting of various configurations of McLanahan's reliable wet processing equipment operating around the globe.

McLanahan Helps Stradacon Penna Recycle C&D Waste For Reuse

Case Study

Penna Quarries installed a McLanahan modular scrubbing system and UltraWASH Modular Wash Plant for processing C&D debris. With the modular scrubbing system, Penna Quarries is reducing the amount of debris and organic material that come in with the crushed aggregate from the C&D debris feed. The recycled aggregate is then combined with the naturally produced aggregate and cleaned in the UltraWASH before being returned to the industry.

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McLanahan C&D Recycling Systems

McLanahan C&D Recycling Systems allow producers to:

  • Process materials responsibly and sustainably
  • Minimize waste
  • Recycle aggregates
  • Transform waste into valuable resources
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Lay the groundwork for a circular economy

Transform waste into valuable resources

Natural sand and gravel are a finite resource. Recycling aggregate material from C&D debris reduces the reliance on natural sand and gravel resources by returning previously used construction materials back to industry in an as-new state. By recycling aggregate from C&D debris streams, producers can minimize the amount of waste destined for landfills and transform it into a valuable resource. McLanahan offers complete C&D recycling systems for feeding, crushing, attritioning and washing the recycled aggregate for reuse in the industry, as well as systems for recycling the process water for reuse in the wet plant and systems for managing tailings.

Process materials responsibly and sustainably

McLanahan C&D recycling solutions not only help producers to recycle aggregates for reuse in the industry, but they also help to do so in a sustainable way. With McLanahan’s water recycling and tailings management solutions, producers can recover immediately reusable process water for washing recycled aggregate in the wet plant. The solids portion of the waste stream can also be recovered and dewatered for use in land reclamation, as backfill material or pond lining, or for potential sale.

Support a circular economy and minimize waste

C&D recycling helps to support a circular economy by recovering aggregate material destined for the landfill and processing it for reuse in the construction industry. These previously used construction materials are given new life as recycled aggregate to be reused once again, minimizing the amount of material sent to waste. McLanahan supports these efforts with complete packaged solutions for feeding, crushing, screening, scrubbing, washing, classifying, dewatering, sampling, water recycling and tailings management in C&D recycling applications.

Why McLanahan C&D recycling systems

As a leading aggregate equipment manufacturer with decades of process knowledge and thousands of installations around the globe, McLanahan supports the C&D recycling industry with field-proven solutions for recovering aggregates for reuse.

McLanahan offers tailored C&D recycling solutions integrating a combination of McLanahan systems, including:

  • Feeding
  • Crushing
  • Screening
  • Scrubbing
  • Washing
  • Classifying
  • Dewatering
  • Sampling
  • Water recycling
  • Tailings management

These C&D recycling solutions from McLanahan support help producers process materials responsibly and sustainably by minimizing waste and transforming it into a valuable resource, supporting a circular economy.

Family owned and operated since 1835, McLanahan is continuously investing in its customers through ongoing research and development. With an established reputation for engineering excellence and a commitment to delivering the right solution for its customers, McLanahan partners with producers to provide durable, reliable solutions and offers unmatched service and support for the lifetime of its equipment. McLanahan's team of process engineers, along with McLanahan’s in-house materials testing laboratory, ensure the right equipment is sized and selected for the application. Dedicated project managers oversee the production of each system every step of the way, while McLanahan’s after-sales support team assists with field service, spare parts ordering, equipment training and more.

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